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All Opposition Parties are condemning Narendra Modi, the Prime Ministerial Candidate of the Bhartiya Janta Party, as the promoter of Hidutava and against the other communities, particularly the Muslim. It is also alleged that he instigated, sponsored and caused the 2002 Communal Riots. Sonia Gandhi, Chairman of the UPA, called him as the "Maut Ka Saudagar". Rahul Gandhi, the Vice President of the INC, called him as the sponsor of "Zehar Ki Kheti". 
On the other hand Narendra Modi and the BJP assume him to be a Nationalist and the secular. They propagate that for centuries the Hindutava means secularism, the origial Indian Hidu heritage of catholicism, ssecularism and the entire humanity as one kutumb or family. Even the athiests are treated as brothers.Centuries ago India gave the world original concept of secularism, which much wider than the western view of secularism. They also claim that they took all the measures to prevent and control the 2002 riots. The Supreme Court SIT and the trial Court had declared Narendra Modi to be innocent.
You may cast your valuable vote for or against the debate raging the Nation. 
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